Dismantling & Installation

Dismantling and Installation

We provide services for dismantling and installing your plants or factories and moving from one location to another. We have an experienced team for mechanical, electrical and other process services and upon request we complete packing, loading as well as organizing special transport to the destination where your plants will be assembled. As a value added we offer, of course, automation and commissioning. In the context of services in the industry we can maintain plants regularly and ad hoc at your need. In our portfolio of completed projects we dismantle and install factories for non-carbonated beverages, breweries, syrups, as well as all other process equipment that follows. For each of your requests we are available for insight and evaluation of projects, price and time, as well as evaluation of equipment of interest.

As part of process automation, Automation Dooel develops SCADA systems for monitoring and managing water supply systems as well as other processes, such as ore transport and overview of operations inside production facilities.

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