The core business of our company is the automation of production and other processes in the interest of both industry and infrastructure. From our portfolio of ready made solutions we can offer automation of: packaging systems, storage and processing systems, food processing systems, heat treatment plants, pump stations, filtration, process equipment for strictly defined mixing processes and others processes and systems. In the context of solutions in the industry we can offer customized projects for your needs as well as their execution and automation. If you have a specific project or process please contact us. We will be happy to discuss all possible solutions you can apply as well as completely free support in the decision making process.

As part of process automation, Automation Dooel develops SCADA systems for monitoring and managing water supply systems as well as other processes, such as ore transport and overview of operations inside production facilities.

The main competitive advantage of AUTOMATICA is the high level of innovation as well as the know - how to automate production plants from various industries. Our solutions are based on a high level of knowledge in the area of control and management of industrial processes and more than

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