About Us

AUTOMATIKA is a private company founded at the beginning of 2007. The company is located in Kavadarci in an ideal location in the center of Macedonia. The main activity of AUTOMATIKA is to provide services in the field of automation of production processes. Kavadarci Automation, since 2010 provides services for dismantling, assembly and installation of production facilities as well as their automation. Since 2012 the company has also been providing services in the field of water supply regulation and management for the needs of regional water supply systems.

There is no one universal management and control solution in the industrial sector that will suit the manufacturing process of every manufacturing enterprise, so the core activity of AUTOMATIKA involves negotiating with the client to identify its needs, after which a technical solution is developed, tailored to the needs to the client. The automation system solutions offered by AUTOMATIKA feature innovation and simplicity, and the hardware that is built-in is of high quality - Unitronics, Schneider Electric. The company in addition to automating production processes develops services for process engineering in complete engineering and complete support for them.

The main competitive advantage of AUTOMATIKA is the high level of innovation as well as the know - how to automate production plants from various industries. Our solutions are based on a high level of knowledge in the field of control and management of industrial processes and more than 50 successfully implemented projects and implementation of the most modern and effective solutions for our clients.