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The main competitive advantage of AUTOMATICA is the high level of innovation as well as the know - how to automate production plants from various industries.

Dismantling & Installation

We provide dismantling and installation services for your plants or factories and relocation from one location to another.

Water Supply Systems & SCADA

We offer fully automated systems and scams, without the need for additional license fees.

Complete Custom Projects

From designing plant projects for your current or future production, purchasing or developing equipment, to handling installation and commissioning, we can help you with all your automation needs.

2018 Avtomatika  Syrup room Flash4000

2018 Avtomatika Syrup room Flash4000

€78,600 (EUR)
North Macedonia

Syrup room with continuous dissolving and pasterization. Capacity 4000l/h of sugar syrup. With Flash pasterization